Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tips for selling things on Ebay

We have blogged recently about selling things you get for free on ebay.  Well, we have started taking our own advice and getting free stuff and selling it on ebay.  So far we have made $32 in the last 3 days.  So far this appears to be our most profitable idea.

Recently we sold an item on ebay and we were able to ship it for $3.50.  Since I was unable to get in touch with our accountant, I had to use my own financial skills.  I assumed I would be able to sell 5 of the same item I was able to ship for $3.50 and ship 5 of them for $4.95.  Well as you can imagine I was a little surprised to find out it actually cost $13.95.  So instead of making $18 off of our recent sale we only made $9.  Its $9 more than we had before,  which is good, but not as good as $18.  So when you are listing an item make sure you know how much it will cost you to ship it before you end up having to pay more to ship it then you get for selling the item.

We have actually blogged about this concept before... but since that was three months ago and we have a short memory we forgot.

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  1. Official AccountantApril 6, 2010 at 9:09 PM

    I apologize for being "difficult to get a hold of" for the past few weeks. I have been in Greece helping to clear up a few minor accounting discrepancies regarding their national debt. But don't worry about me (or Greece). I can assure you that their national accounting procedures are no different than ours.

    I will give you the same advice that I gave my friends in Greece: Follow your earlier blog about how to make 2 dollars out of 1 by unionizing. If you thought you would make $18 dollars but it looks like you only made $9 then go with the $18. Since you are unionized you will definitely make up the difference soon and nobody will notice the difference. You are basically borrowing from yourself after all.


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