Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Make money by becoming an HGTV and DIY star!

We have recently blogged about lakefront properties and moving houses.  If you have been inspired by our step by step plans on how to buy lakefront property and move a house... this blog will help you out even more.  While developing your dream house you can make money by being featured on HGTV.

HGTV has a show that is called Design Star.  But for this show you actually have to be good at interior designs.

A much easier way to become your own HGTV star is to move a house to your lake front property, fix it up and be featured on all of the networks shows.

Haulin house: This will definitely be the first one you want to be featured on.  If you are on this show I'm pretty sure they pay for the move as well as pay you big bucks to be featured on their show.

Rock Solid : build a cool rock patio overlooking the lake

Dream house: spend your entire life savings, ruin your marriage and family relations making your dream house a reality.

Once your house has been hauled, rock patio built, and dream house underway you can coordinate with some of the other HGTV hosts to have a competition fixing up your rooms.  Once again, I'm pretty sure they will pay you to be on the show as well as pay for everything!  They might even like you so much they will ask you to be a guest host on their show with them.

Color Splash

Divine Design

After you get everything fixed up to your liking... call Genevieve and she will help you compete against your neighbors fixing up your house even more.
Battle on the Block

Once you have finished everything you would like to... there will probably be a couple of projects you just didn't seem to finish, this is were Over Your Head comes in handy.  They will come in and fix up the mess you made for you.
Over your head

There are a lot of other HGTV and DIY shows I'm sure you would be eligible to participate in.  Like I said before they will most likely pay for everything to be done and pay you tons of money to be on TV.  Congratulations, you have now turned your worst investment (i.e. lakefront property) into the best investment of your life and in the meantime become an HGTV star and can live in your very own Dream house!

Howtomakeadollar is planning on moving a house onto our lakefront property.  If you would like to help out, please let us know, we sure could use some extra people to help us push the house 14 miles.  We will keep you updated with our attempt to be on all of the above mentioned tv shows.

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