Thursday, April 8, 2010

Order your own custom laptop sleeve protector

Howtomakeadollar recently blogged about how to make your own really cool laptop sleeve protector.  We are very excited to announce that these custom made laptop sleeve protectors are a HUGE hit!  We will make a custom one just for you.  We have several custom orders and a couple other pre-requests for ipad custom sleeve protectors.

We can make you any or all of the following suggested custom laptop sleeve protectors.   Or we will make you any design you would like.  Just email us and let us know what design you want and what size laptop you have.  The price for these priceless items is only $9.99 (plus shipping and handling, a special finders fee may apply to very hard to find designs).  You can also send us your own favorite old tshirt and we will make it into a laptop sleeve protector for you!

Superman laptop sleeve protector
Pacman laptop sleeve protector
GIJOE laptop sleeve protector
Captain America laptop sleeve protector
Hello Kitty laptop sleeve protector
Led Zepplin laptop sleeve protector
Incredible Hulk laptop sleeve protector

Below is a picture of our recent Superman custom laptop sleeve protector we made for one of our customers.  It is designed for a 13 inch laptop computer.  (sorry 13 inch macbook pro is not included in the purchase)


  1. I am really impressed Andrew! It looks awesome. I want to buy one too.

  2. This product was made for my husband and he is a very hard man to shop for...he is all about functionality. I thought the Superman logo would be cute since he was a fan of the comics as a child. I gave him the gift when he started a new job and he really liked it. He uses it allll the time and has made comments about how perfect it is in size. I didn't know it at the time but he was planning on investing in an expensive one from a computer store. Now he has one with sentimental value and is also completely functional. Yay for my buddy Andrew who helped me get a great gift for my husband.


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