Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to save $107 by not buying hosting

For all of our internet life, we at howtomakeadollar have been under the impression that in order to have a dotcom you need to buy a domain name and then pay for hosting.  This is in fact completely and utterly false.  This is just another one of those lines "they" want you to believe.  Unfortunately our official fact check guy did not pick up on the lie we posted on the blog asking people to support us so we could get $107 to buy hosting.   We do not need to buy hosting to get a dotcom!

We are pleased to announce the wildly successful new website


Thats right, you no longer have to type in!  Not having to type these twelve characters will probably save you 3.4 hours over your life span.  For everyone else out there that is looking to get a dotcom... DO NOT BUY HOSTING.  If you are using a program like blogger they have instructions here on how to link your blogspot website to your dotcom.  No hosting necessary!

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