Monday, February 20, 2012

Back n the Dating Scene

Content by Sol Rosales

I started dating Tom a few weeks ago, and things are going well. It’s nice to finally meet someone I feel like I connect with after being single for so long. I was married once before, and after the divorce I needed some time to myself. I knew it was healthy to take some time, but I think I may have stayed out of the game for a little too long. I didn’t date for four years, and when I started dating again I didn’t know how to behave at all. Tom was married before so he understands where I’m coming from, which is comforting. We met when he came out to my house to connect my hughes net satellite internet service. I know it’s not a traditional way to meet someone, but we knew we liked each other right away. He was completely appropriate and told me he would love to take me out to dinner and get to know me better. We had a great time on that first date and have been seeing each other ever since.

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