Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Devon!

Happy Birthday Devon!!!!!

Your sister-in-law Cassie loves you so much she has dedicated this blog to you for today on your birthday!  This blog is dedicated to your birth for all of April 10, 2010!  We are excited you were born!  Way to go.

Devon Campfield is my sister in law
Its sad that she has one fatal flaw
She's too far away up in Boston, Mass.
But our time together is never surpassed

She's a good good friend
On whom I can depend
And she's funny and groovy
Like a George Clooney movie

I wish I could see you because its long overdue
We could talk and relax with some cheese fondue
But I suppose I can resort
To a poem, a blog, and things of that sort

Now its not like me to type 'til I blister
So without delay, I'd like to say
"Happy Birthday" to my favorite sister

We know you are a sophisticated world traveler with distinguished tastes so here is a Special Birthday Haiku just for you.

my sister-in-law
it's a crime that we can't be
there to celebrate

You are a wonderful friend, mother, and wife.  We hope you have a wonderful birthday with your family and friends.

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