Sunday, April 25, 2010

Make Money by Making Videos for Youtube

Did you know that YouTube allows you to get paid for videos that you post? You just have to get people to view them and agree to have ads attached to them. Most of the videos on YouTube are stupid of course, and only get like three page views. However, other videos are stupid and receive millions of page views. The key is to make lots of stupid videos and hope that one of them takes off. The amount that you are paid is based on how many people see your video, how many people click on the ads, and how relevant your video is to the ads that are posted on it

In general, you can probably count on making about 10 cents per thousand viewers. This, of course, it not much money. But if you get several million people to watch your video you can start making decent money, and YouTube, for better or worse, is known for its ability to spread a popular video incredibly rapidly.

For example, here is a video of a little kid and a baby named Charlie who bites the little kid.

For humor I would give this about a 4 out of ten. Its not that funny. But over 180 million people have seen it. Well, guess what that comes out to? Its 18 thousand. Thats not enough to quit your job, but its enough to start a decent college fund for the kids. Who would have guessed this video would take off so well?

Here is another one, again involving a baby. I think it is way funnier than the first one. 115 million people have seen it.

This is probably my favorite video I've seen on YouTube. Its a bunch of lions that catch a young water buffalo, then a crocodile comes and tries to take their prey, then a huge herd of water buffalo come and fight the lions. About 52 million have seen it. That comes to $5,200.

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