Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just How Much Is 15 Trillion?

Check out this amazing article!!!  Click on the link: Just How Much Is 15 Trillion?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Georgia Football

Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines

I have been watching college football for as long as I can remember. More specifically, I have been watching Georgia Bulldog football for as long as I can remember. If there was a game on any Saturday in the Fall, we were watching it. Now that I’m an alumna of The University of Georgia, I’m an even bigger fan. I used to go to every game in Athens, but I’m a little older now and that’s not as realistic as it used to be. I have the best intentions every season, that I’ll make it to every game, but responsibilities start piling up and before I know it, it’s fifteen minutes before kickoff and I’ve completely forgotten about the game. The great thing is, though, that with tvbydirect, I can watch pretty much any game from the comfort of my own home. Most of the games are televised, and I can order the ones that aren’t. It’s normally a pretty nominal fee, especially considering the fact that if I weren’t able to order them I would be forced to go spend more money at a bar that is televising the game. I used to be really disappointed that I couldn’t go to Athens for every game, but I am getting more and more used to relaxing on my couch watching my beloved Bulldogs.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Believe it or not, Blogsvertise keeps paying us money

Since being blacklisted from google's adsense program, we have been making money using Blogsvertise.  "Is blogsvertise a scam?" you may be asking yourself.  We are here to tell you that Blogsvertise is not a scam.  Blogsvertise is one of our top income revenue streams.  And it appears to be our most consistent revenue stream to date.  We got paid $15 to post this blog: http://www.howtomakeadollar.com/2011/07/canadapost-laptops.html

Here's the proof.

Good luck making money with blogsvertise!  (FYI, blogsvertise sends you money under the name Lang Tech Corp)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting creative with dorm room dining

Guest post written by Lauren Guthrie

Now that I'm a college sophomore, I know the ropes of dorm room living. I opted to not get a meal plan this year though because I'm going to do a fun little experiment with dorm room dining. I cooked a little bit in my dorm last year, but I never really planned ahead for it. I think that it would be a whole lot easier if I planned ahead and knew some really easy recipes.

Before classes start, I'm doing my share of research to figure out how to fix some really easy meals from the comfort of my dorm room. While I was doing that, I ran across the website www.Clearwirelessinternet.net and sent it over to my mom, who's been shopping around for a new internet service provider.

I've already found some great ideas for dorm room dining, including some creative sandwich ideas. More than just peanut butter and jelly. I think those simple recipes are really what I'm going to use the most rather than the ones that will involve venturing out to the hall kitchen.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Canadapost laptops

I came across a good website for anyone who is looking to compare laptops.  Especially if you are looking for a HP laptop check out the link.  I recently switched to a laptop computer and it is great.  You can take the laptop anywhere and they are really light weight.

The website is a great place to compare different brands of computer including HP, acer, dell, toshiba, etc.  The laptops can also be compared using their very convenient and helpful price filter that has a minimum and maximum price feature.

Check it out.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Must have at least 3 friends to make money

For all of the loyal howtomakeadollar readers out there, I want to first apologize for the agony you have been experiencing over the past six months waiting for a new blog entry!  I'm sorry for the long wait.  Howtomakeadollar has learned a valuable lesson over the past 6 months.

Previously we blogged about how to have a successful blog by having friends.  Unfortunately, we did not specify how many friends you need.  We have recently learned that you need at least 3 friends.  

3 friends = maximum money making potential

Howtomakeadollar is one friend short of what is needed for wild-world-wide success.  One of our friends went missing and the other one has decided to vicariously run for president of the united states in 2012.  Needless to say these two friends are unavailable to blog, thus the lack of blogging for the past 6 months.  We are one friend short of keeping things going.  

In the meantime, we will try and make 3 new friends to help us be successful. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Make Money by Suing McDonald's

It seems that McDonald's has a history of being sued by its customers.  McDonald's has been sued for making their coffee too hot, making kids want their happy meal toys too much, and for making people fat.  It seems like everyone is suing McDonald's.  It must be the cool thing to do.

Since howtomakeadollar is in negotiations to be sponsored by McDonald's... we don't want to see McDonald's loose any lawsuits.  But most likely we will get more money from winning a lawsuit against McDonald's than being sponsored by them.

As regular McDonald's patrons, we have noticed a disturbing trend at McDonald's.  McDonalds is trying to stay up on the competition (as if there is any... nothing can come close to McDonald's) by offering ice coffee drinks and smoothies.  Many people seem to be enjoying these iced coffee drinks and smoothies.  How do we know?  Because it is SO RIDICULOUSLY LOUD!

Seriously, the noise from the huge blender that grinds these drinks into a nice liquid form is unbelievable.

So here's the plan...

1) Get a job at McDonald's

2) Volunteer to work at the smoothy/ ice coffee bar

3) After one week of work SUE MCDONALD'S for your loss of hearing

4) Collect a lot of money

5) Eat McDonald's food, get fat, spill coffee and sue them several more times

6) optional step: while working at McDonald's during the Monopoly campaign take off all of the stickers until you get something good.

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