Saturday, April 24, 2010

Make money by naming other people's babies

Every now and then Howtomakeadollar likes to highlight real businesses that are successfully making money by doing idiotic things that you wouldn't expect people to pay for. You can read a few of these blogs here and here.

In light of this, we present to you another dumb business that actually makes money: Baby Name Consulting. You would think that naming your own child would be one of the most personalized and careful decisions that most people make. Well, its not. Lots of people have no desire whatsoever to name their own child. They would rather pay money to a stranger on the Internet to name their kid for them than come up with a name by themselves. This is for real. Now, people are free to pay money for any "service" they want to, but I think adding the word "consulting" to your business name is a little bit overreaching. 

There is absolutely no reason you can't get into this racket too. All you need is a website, an online form for people to fill out, and a paypal button. They pay you a fee, provide the gender of their baby, and you email them a name. Personally, I would name all the boys "Jason" and all the girls "Amy." These names are common and easy to remember, so you don't have to sit around and think up a new name each time. Thats the kind of free advice you can count on from Howtomakeadollar.

Here are a few of these websites costs $49.95 offers special deals for twins, triplets etc. all the way up to sextuplets! offers an i-phone ap that allows you to get your baby name on the go!

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