Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to make a dollar hiding Easter Eggs

If you did not make a dollar hiding Easter Eggs this year... you didn't do it correctly.  Every year you should make at least $1 hiding Easter Eggs.

Step by Step plan:

Step 1: Prepare for Easter Egg hunt
-This step usually involves waiting for someone else to buy candy, eggs, put them in the eggs, prepare a wonderful Easter feast, invite friends over, and have a great day.
-For this step it is important to get invited to above mentioned get together
-It also helps to have children present at the Easter celebration (this is not required, but it looks a little weird for a lot of adults to walk around with Easter baskets looking for brightly colored eggs "hidden" in the yard)

Step 2: Find a really hard place to hide an easter egg
-Places can include birds nests, tall trees, chimneys, or gutters.

Step 3: Bet your friend that you can put the egg in the really hard place to hide the easter egg for at least $1

Step 4: Spend 1 hour throwing an Easter egg high up into a tree that has a birds nest

Step 5: Get Easter egg stuck in the birds nest high up in the tree

Step 6: Collect $1

Below is a picture of our actualized job of hiding an easter egg in a birds nest high up in a tree along with the $1!

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