Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to make $800 in 4 minutes!

Today is April 15th... some may view this as tax day.  It is actually the last day you can conceive a child and make sure they are born in the same calendar year.  Why is this important?  Because children give you lots of tax breaks and credits.  So, if you have not recently conceived today is your last chance!

Back to how to make $800 in 4 minutes.  This year there is a special Schedule that you can fill out for your taxes.  Schedule M is what it is called.  If you are making under $150,000 you are eligible to fill out schedule M, attach it to your taxes and you will magically be $800 richer!

If you read this blog and did not know about Schedule M and you are now looking it up on IRS to confirm our wonderful correctness and now you are filling it out and stapling it to your taxes you are about to drop in the mail.... you owe us!  Actually by reading this blog and filling out Schedule M you are legally bound to pay us a 10% tax advisor fee.  So click the donate button below and give us $80!

Happy Tax Day aka LDTCACTGYGATRF2010 Day! (last day to conceive a child to guarantee you get a tax refund for 2010)

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