Sunday, April 4, 2010

Make Money off the Health Care Reform Bill

How to make money off the healthcare bill by setting up a roadside healthcare stand.
You've probably heard about the universal healthcare law that the government just created. Supposedly it is like 3,000 pages long, and very few people have actually read it, and even fewer people actually understand it. All that most people know is that they now have to do something about health care, or the government has to do something, or somebody has to do something, or something. This confusion creates a golden opportunity for you.

1. Get a table
2. Get a big sign that says "Healthcare Reform Sold Here"
3. Offer to provide health coverage to people for $1
4. Pass out little cards that say "My healthcare has been reformed(!)"
5. You can even add a Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid signature on the cards to make them look more authentic.

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