Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Tracy Rogers!

Happy Birthday Tracy!

We hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Your friend Cassie loves you so much she has given you the most unique birthday card you will ever receive... your very own blog for the day!

We hope you enjoy our amusing happy birthday wishes for you!  Cassie thinks you will enjoy this blog so much... she paid double the normal price.  So... we are giving you double the amount of wonderfulness.  We have two poems for you to enjoy.

Poem #1...
Tracy is my friend and she's on my mind
'Cause she's cool as a steering wheel and winter combined
She is so darn awesome that I can't decide
If there's a better friend with whom to confide

She is extra fun and very refined
She's the kind of friend I'd never leave behind
I know I can trust her til the day I die
Even though she happens to be a Buckeye

She's always serene and she's never mean
And she still looks young every April seventeen.
We get along well even far away,
but its nice to catch up and not go astray
Which is why I wish her a happy birthday

Poem #2...


Happy Birthday Tracy
I know I can sometimes be kind of spacey
But today I am on top of my game
I have given you some birthday fame

You are featured on this blog
Which is much better than driving in the fog
I wanted to thank you for being my friend
So that is why this birthday blog I send

I wish you lived closer than far away
I wish I could be with you on your birthday… oh dismay
I’m sure you will have fun with your daughter and two sons
They and your husband love you tons

You are such a good friend I don’t know where to start
I love your creativity; you are truly an artist at heart
Keep up the good work with the lunch bunch
I know you’ll have a great birthday... just a hunch

Thank you for being such a great friend.  You are always there when I need you.  I appreciate your honesty and friendship.  I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Unrelated comments...
Howtomakeadollar is not immune to the downturn in the economy.  We are currently going through a round of layoffs... so the writer of the subpar poem will have to be let go (don't worry, we're part of a union so the fired employee will continue to receive a salary, benefits and a pension plan for the rest of their lives).  So let us know which poem you liked the best!

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  1. You can't fire anyone, I just started to give you business!!! They both are cute. I like the second better, but not the spacey line!!!!

  2. Love them both - keep both writer's employed!! At least until MY birthday:)

  3. Thanks Anonymous #2... when is your birthday? We will be sure to write a post for you.


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