Sunday, August 15, 2010

Make $1.90 from soda cans

Howtomakeadollar took our own advice and made money by recycling soda cans!  You can read our advice here.

In the wonderful land of Michigan, you get paid to recycle.  Michigan pays you $.10 per soda (aka pop) cans you turn in.

Step by step plan to make $1.90.  

1.  Go to Michigan.

2.  Get soda cans (some people say they have to be purchased in Michigan, some do not, I don't know the answer because the cans I used were purchased in Michigan.  Our official fact check guy will have to determine this one for you)

3.  Go to the money making place (aka Bottle Return center) at your local grocery store.

4.  Put the can in the hole that eats your can... while reminiscing about how wonderful Squirt is (howtomakeadollar is currently in negotiations with Squirt to work out the details of our sponsorship).

5.  Collect your money!

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