Friday, April 16, 2010

Swag Bucks!

Would you like to earn free rewards just by searching the internet?  In less than 2 months, I've earned $60!  How?  By using! is a search engine site, much like google. When you sign up, you use their site to search the internet. They will randomly award you "swagbucks" as you do your internet searches. Then, you can trade in those swagbucks for prizes. The best deal is to trade them in for $5 Amazon gift cards. You can get points in a few other ways too. Here are a few more tips to help increase how many you win:

1. Download the toolbar for your browser. Then you can type in your searches there.

2. Instead of typing your regularly visited websites into your browser, type them into the swagbucks search box. So, instead of typing the web address for this blog, you'd type something like "How to Make a Dollar" into the swagbucks search, then click on the link from there. Sometimes it's a little harder to find your page by doing this, but try a different combination of words till you find one that works best. Then you will start to remember where it is on the search results page (for instance, it's the third link down on the results page).  I use this to get to any website, including my email page. 

3. Search for random things occasionally. I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but I feel like I end up winning more often with a new search than with one that I do regularly. It can be anything, really. Seriously. Sign up, then type in something like "pickles", and you just may win some swagbucks!

4. Swagbucks releases swag codes every once in a while. They "hide" codes somewhere on their website, then give you hints or clues as to where to find them. If you catch it in time and have the time to look for it, then you can enter it in for more swagbucks. It's a fun kind of thing to do, if you feel like it. It really only takes a few minutes, and I enjoy a good scavenger hunt/puzzle to figure out!

5. Follow Swagbucks on Twitter or Facebook. They tell you when a new swag code has been released, and other helpful information.

6. Have friends sign up by your referral. You get rewarded when they win swagbucks through searching also. You don't get rewarded when friends sign up under them (it's not a pyramid thing!), but you can get satisfaction from knowing they are winning from their friends too! (It's fun knowing every time I win swagbucks, the person who referred me is getting some too!)

I figure many of us these days could use a little extra help, and this seems like a cool way to get a little reward from something most of us do every day anyway: getting online. It's not enough to make a living off of, but hey, who wouldn't be able to use an extra $5 here and there? So I say, give it a try! I am actually sorry that I didn't check into it and sign up months ago, the first time I was referred. I would have already earned a few gift cards by now! Oh well, better late than never!

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