Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Future is Now: Flying Cars Have Been Invented

Howtomakeadollar has been a staunch advocate of the future for a long time, but I have to admit that lately we have been getting a little bit impatient. The future is always being put off until tomorrow or next year, and after a while, you tend to get a little bit jaded about the whole thing. So if, like us, you have been waiting for the future for your entire life, then you will be excited to learn that it has finally arrived.

I'm referring, or course, to the invention of a flying car. People have been talking about flying cars since the days of horses and buggies. Of course, they always called them "flying horses and buggies," but the concept, give or take an internal combustion engine, was the same. However, despite all the talk, flying cars and flying horses have always remained elusive. Until now.

read all about the flying car at the company website:

We are living in interesting times. For thousands of years people always thought about flying cars when they thought about the future. Now what will we think about? Beats me. The end of the world must be getting close. There is no more future left to imagine.*

*except for global warming, which is always being put off to the future... But global warming is boring, so thats out. Maybe we can dream up a flying elephant or something. That might inspire people.

The flying car is called "Transition," and it is made by a company called Terrafugia. Just yesterday, June 29, 2010, it was approved in the U.S. for both air and road travel. Its wings are able to unfold electronically while the car is driving, allowing it to take off into the air straight off the highway. When it lands the wings can fold back up and it can drive down the road just like any other car, and it can park in an ordinary garage. Of course, it looks extremely goofy driving down the road, but honestly I don't think it looks much stupider than lots of other cars that people drive, and it can fly, so there.
Yep, its ugly, but at least it can fly. Now what about the rest of you? 

Ok great, but how do I make a dollar off this? 

There are probably lots of good ways to make money off this, but the easiest way to do it would be to change the name. The people at Terrafugia are obviously geniuses, but they have totally missed the boat on the name. Its called "Transition." What a dumb name. You've invented the flying car. The crowing moment of all of history is upon us, and you call it "Transition?" Really? That sounds like the name of menopause pill. No. You need to get a job in the branding dept. of Terrafugia and change this name now. You will sell millions more of these by simply naming it "The Flying Car."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Check out

Looking for a new CAMERA??? is a website for finding out information about cameras and photography gear.  The site allows you to shop conveniently online, compare prices of products you are interested in, and ultimately save you money.

Howtomakeadollar believes that pictures are a key component of a successful blog.  For years howtomakeadollar has been trying to increase the quality of our pictures.  We have tried almost everything in an attempt to take a good picture.  It was not until we realized we were not using a good camera.  After we bought a digital SLR our pictures turned out amazing.  They have a really cool feature called "automatic."  The automatic feature does all of the work for you.  You point the camera at what you want to take a picture of and click the button.  The camera does the rest.  It's that simple.  Well, maybe its not that simple... but this site has all the information you need to help you find the camera that is right for you.  Remember... the more expensive, the better picture it will take. helps you to capture your life on film.  Well, you can choose either on film or digitally.  Howtomakeadollar recommends digitally.  So there you have it.  Go check out the website and buy cameras.  You will be happy you did.

This blog entry is our first blogsvertise entry.  Hopefully letting you know about this website to buy cameras and camera gear will earn us some money!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Make money playing the circle game!

Most people have either played or heard of the circle game.  Usually this game is an immature game played by middle schoolers or freshman in high school.  According to the urban dictionary, the circle game is "a game of peripheral vision, trickery and motor skills."  The rules of the game are quite simple.  Make a circle with your index finger and thumb like so:

Get someone to look at the circle.  Punch the person that looks at it in the arm.  Since howtomakeadollar is all about making money and not all about punching people, we suggest you change the rules of the game.  Make the unsuspecting person pay you a dollar each time they look at your hand or have them take you out to lunch after they look at your hand a certain number of times.

Note: make sure you are good at the game, otherwise you may have to take someone out to lunch or pay them a lot of money.

There is also a website.  The website has not been updated since 2005.  2005 was about the end of the circle game craze.  So, its time to bring it back and make some money doing it!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Make Money by Selling Pieces of Junk

A few days ago the Red Cross came to my work and I donated blood because I am a moderately good person. When you are donating blood, they usually give you a little heart-shaped squeezy toy to hold in your hand. They tell you to squeeze the thing every 10 seconds. This helps keep your blood flowing while you donate. I can usually squeeze out a pint of blood in about 30 seconds. MY HEART IS STRONG AND FILLED WITH COURAGE. But for other slow-blooded people I suppose the little heart toy helps. They don't let you keep the heart-shaped squeezy toy either. After you are done giving blood they take it away and send you on yours.

Well, the other day when I gave blood, they gave me a little five inch piece of PVC pipe to squeeze. I asked the nurse what happened to all the little squeezy hearts and she told me they "ran out." A guy donating near me was given a Bic pen to squeeze. Times are tough at the Red Cross. I can only presume that they were forced to sell off their heart shaped squeeze toys. I would rate the PVC squeezing experience as about a 5. Squeezing a PVC pipe is simply not as satisfying as squeezing a squeezy toy. I would have thought that squeezing a pen would be more fun because of all the clicking you could do, but it turned out that is was just a regular pen, not one of those clickable pens. So it seems that the Red Cross has been reduced to handing out old pens and pieces of discarded plumbing. They have fallen on bad times, and are in need of various household items that can be held in the palm of your hand.

All this talk about pens and pipes makes Howtomakeadollar want to donate blood

Now, I'm not saying that you will get paid very much money for your childhood rock collection or your old broken cell phone, but I am saying that these items are exactly what the Red Cross needs right now, and you probably aren't going to find anyone else who needs them. You need to strike while the iron is hot!

If you do not have any such items, Howtomakeadollar will gladly sell a bunch of them to you.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ride Shotgun for Life!

Howtomakeadollar is pleased to announce yet another groundbreaking and exciting product. We are now offering, for a limited time, the nation's only official Shotgun Riding Pass. With this pass in your pocket you can always ride shotgun in any car, any time. It is the only pass that is officially endorsed and recognized by the United States Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicle Passengers. 

Your card is printed on high quality glossy card stock, with an official U.S. government seal printed on the bottom left, verifying that the cardholder is officially licensed to ride shotgun anytime he or she enters a motor vehicle.

Howtomakeadollar's partnership with the Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicle Passengers is strictly regulated, and there is only a limited number of these cards available, so we cannot guarantee your order will be met unless you order immediately. Each card is one dollar, but orders of five or more will receive an additional five cards for free. YOU CANNOT BEAT A 10 FOR $5 DEAL!

Howtomakeadollar recommends buying as many cards as you can get, because the supply is low, and demand is expected to be extremely high. Multiple orders have already come in from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Maryland (really). Once they are gone there will be none left. You can keep one for yourself and give another to your spouse for his/her birthday. Nothing says "I love you" more than a lifetime guarantee in the passenger seat. This is like telling your special someone that you never want to ride with anyone else. 

If you get the 10 for $5 deal, this will leave you with eight cards left over that you can give to friends (this will make you all the more popular) or sell on Ebay. Remember, low supply equals high prices, so its quite likely that you would get your money right back, with a little profit on the side.


Shotgun Riding Pass

Friday, June 25, 2010

What to do when you are rich and powerful

Lots of people want to be millionaires right? But what do they do when they make their millions? They buy cookie cutter McMansions and few nice cars, and they play golf a lot. Howtomakeadollar thinks this is boring. We have lots of other recommendations, but today we will be focusing on pranks. Anyone can prank his friends, but a rich person can afford to prank them in ways that the rest of us can only dream of. Here are a few ideas.

1. The "Dude, Where's My House?" missing house prank: You know that prank where you come out to the parking lot to get in your car, but your car is gone because a bunch of your friends moved it? Usually they moved it to some annoying place like Bed Bath & Beyond. Thats just a tip for you in case you haven't found yours yet. Anyway, if you are rich you could take this classic prank up to a higher notch: Move their house. Wait until they go away for a while, then hire a crew of house movers, and have them tow your friend's house out to the middle of a lake or a desert somewhere. When your friend comes back he will be in for a big surprise. He will never see it coming, and you can all share a good laugh about it later.

2. The champagne prank. You know that prank where you come home and somebody has filled up thousands of little pixie cups full of water and covered the entire floor and every flat surface in your house with them? Well, if you are rich you can do this same prank, only fill all the cups up with champagne instead of water. This doesn't really add anything significant to the prank, but you should do it anyway since you're rich.

3The sweepstakes prank. I'm sure you've heard about those Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes that occasionally show up at people's houses and pay out big prize money. Right? Well, this is a good setup for a prank you could do. Just hire somebody to show up at your friend's house and tell him he's won a million dollars from a sweepstake. Make sure the guy you hire is really convincing, and give him an actual check for one million dollars to give your friend. Your friend will be ecstatic and will call up everyone and tell them he won big in the sweepstakes.  But the joke is on him because it wasn't really a sweepstake! It was just you pretending to be a sweepstake. He will never live this one down.

4. The stock market prank. If you are rich enough, you can buy a controlling interest in a large corporation. Once you do this, you can then sell all your stocks on the open market for like ten cents each. This will cause a dramatic crash on the company. If you bought a large enough company, such as Wal-Mart or Google, it could even cause the entire stock market to crash for a day or two. This would be a hilarious prank and would probably make international news. The whole world would find out about your prank and they would all just shake their heads and laugh. "What a funny guy," they would say. If you do this prank, try to let us know ahead of time so we can buy all the cheap stocks that you dump off.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ever since howtomakeadollar was blacklisted from Google's Adsense... we have been searching for an alternative source of advertising revenue.  There doesn't really seem to be much out there besides Google Adsense.  The moral of the story is: do not get blacklisted by Adsense.  But for those who have been rejected by Adsense there appears to be a couple of additional options.  We are in the process of testing them out.

The first alternative option to Adsense is Blogsvertise.  Blogsvertise (yes, that is really their name) is a website that you can sign up for and they will give you "assignments."  These assignments are to write a review of whatever item, website, or service they provide you with.  You write a blog about the item assigned to you, Blogsvertise approves your blog, post the blog, and they pay you.  Supposedly the payout is between $5 and $15 per blog post.  Not too bad considering we usually blog for free.  Unless it is for our PromoteME or SHOW YOUR LOVE features.

Keep your eyes open for our Blogsvertise featured blogs!  We have also read on the "internet" that Blogsvertise is a huge scam.  But since we are experts in ethical grey areas and unsubstantiated claims... we should probably fit in well with the Blogsvertise crew.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rainbow Bacon

A few days ago we said that the world's best business idea is bacon. You can read about that here. Well it seems that some guy has taken our advice and is doing some groundbreaking things with bacon. Truly groundbreaking. Bacon, I'm sure you know, has remained fundamentally the same for thousands of years. UNTIL NOW.

Rainbow Bacon. Look upon it you mighty ones and despair, for great is its splendor and many are its colors.

Yes, Bacon Today* has reported a new development in bacon technology. A truly revolutionary development. It is called Rainbow Bacon. It is bacon in many colors. It is wholesome goodness in rainbow format. It is crunchy, chewy, salty meat candy with artificial coloring, and I presume that the green strips are good for you. Now if he would only get a big van full of bacon and drive around like an ice cream truck.

*Not a joke. Bacon Today is a real website. Their slogan is "Daily updates on the world of sweet, sweet bacon."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Make money by making those rubber strips that go around your refrigerator door

You know what that little rubber liner thingee that goes around your refrigerator door is called? Its called a gasket. As in the sentence "Jack has a gasket." You want to know what it does? It makes your refrigerator work. Without that rubber gasket in there the door will not shut, and all the little cold particles that make stuff get cold will come tumbling out all over the place. Not only that, but in the absence of all the little cold particles, little hot particles will appear, transforming your fridge into a 70 degree box of lukewarm leftovers that stink up the whole kitchen. This is how refrigerators work.

Here is a picture of some guy pointing at a refrigerator gasket
Even if you do have a gasket, but the gasket has a tear in it from the time you slammed it on a cat or maybe it just got a tear for ABSOLUTELY NO STINKING REASON WHATSOEVER. Well, in that case, the fridge will just run all day long, and all the little cold particles will all sneak right out that little tear and invite all the hot particles in. Not only that, but a whole bunch of condensation will accumulate all over the place and drip on the floor under the fridge. Condensation is a kind of water that appears for no good reason in places that water has no business being and makes stuff all wet that shouldn't get wet. Condensation that comes out of your fridge will usually smell like sweet and sour sauce and eggs. It will accumulate under the fridge and bond with all the little things that live under your fridge. If you have never rolled your fridge out to see what was under it, you need to do so right now. You will be astonished and terrified, like those guys who chase tornados around Kansas and then turn around and run away screaming like little girls as soon as they find one. After hours of building up under there, it will suddenly start to gush out from under the fridge like a busted oil rig, only smellier and with mouse turds floating in it. If you aren't paying attention you will step in it barefoot and it will be cold and you will make a little "yip" noise that makes you sound like a girl. If you are a girl you will make the same noise and then yell at the nearest man to come over and fix it.

Well, what do you do then? You go to Home Depot. Do not go to Lowes. Lowes is the worst place you could ever go. Death Valley is a lot like Lowes, only there aren't little birds flying around in Death Vally taking dumps on the merchandise, and there are no teenage girls with pink nose piercings and dyed black hair working in customer service. Also, its called Death Valley, so you know what you are getting into when you go there.

So, if you go to Home Depot, they will give you a phone number that you can call. You call that number, and some guy will ask you what the number on your fridge door is. You probably never noticed this number before, but there is a big number right on the inside of your door. It doesn't make any difference what brand your fridge is. It doesn't make any difference where you bought it. Maybe its an out-of-business off-brand made in the Weimar Republic by a bunch of Prussian serfs. Maybe you found it in a landfill outside of Vladivostok. Doesn't make any difference. That number will be there, and the guy at the phone number will have a brand new gasket on hand, sized exactly for your made-up refrigerator. He will mail it to you for $100.

He can charge any amount he wants to because he is the only guy in the world who is in the aftermarket refrigerator gasket business. When his first grade teacher asked the class what they wanted to do when they grew up, everyone said they wanted to be athletes and pilots and CIA agents. Not this guy. This guy said he wanted to get into the refrigerator gasket industry. He has no competition, he goes on vacation whenever he wants, and he has a summer home in Vale. His wife is a Tahitian masseuse. He has panda bacon delivered to his house for breakfast.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Make money by emailing Steve Jobs

Supposedly Steve Jobs replies to emails from regular-average-non-important people.  See the article here.  Since howtomakeadollar is regular, average, and non-important we thought we would give it a try.

Step by Step plan:
Step 1: Get married to a cute wife (your wife does not necessarily have to be cute, but it will help in Step 2)
Step 2: Have cute kids
Step 3: Buy expensive camera
Step 4: Set camera to automatic
Step 5: Take picture of above mentioned cute kids holding an ipad
Step 6: Have cute wife edit picture

Step 7: Email a copy of the cute picture to Steve Jobs.  Supposedly Steve Jobs email address is
Step 8: Steve Jobs will love the picture so much and think it is the cutest picture he has ever seen and offer you $578,922.32 for the rights to the picture
cute ipad picture‏
Sent:Fri 6/18/10 11:12 PM
Attachments: 1 attachment
IPad.jpg (2.6 MB)

I thought you might like the picture of my children enjoying an ipad.  Let me know if you would like to use the picture in an advertising campaign.


We will keep you updated on Steve's response

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Benjamin!

Happy Father's Day Benjamin!  Your daughter Amity loves you so much she has dedicated this blog to you for the entire day!

Daddy you are so sweet
I love it when you tickle my feet
I am glad that you are a big fan of meat
That is truly a wonderful feat

I love it when you sing to me
It makes me feel so happy and free
I am only one... not three
Who is the best father?  you are he

I love you so much in every way
I don't really have too much more to say
I know I will always be your number one
even when you have a son

Happy Father's day daddy!  I love you so very much!  Mommy and I appreciate you so much and everything you do for our family.  Thanks for being so cool!


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Make $5 in two weeks with Swag Bucks!

About two weeks ago we blogged about how to make money surfing the web using Swag Bucks.  In the two weeks we have been using swagbucks we have made $5.  That doesn't really seem like a lot... but its $5 more than we had before.  And it was for doing something we were already doing in the first place.

 If you would like to make money surfing the internet... check it out...


Friday, June 18, 2010

The best business idea ever and a nutritious breakfast

You know what the people want? Bacon.
The only thing the people want more than bacon is more bacon.

Are you achin' for some bacon? I know I am.
bacon bacon bacon bacon.

You know what else the people want? No? Me neither. The people want bacon, and thats pretty much all you'll ever get them to agree on. So why bother trying any other kind of business? What you need to do is start a bacon business. The best business idea in the world is bacon.

There are many ways of running a bacon business. One basic way of doing it would be a bacon stand. People set up hot dog stands all over the place, and they do pretty good business, but you know what's better than hot dogs? Bacon.

One step above a bacon stand would be a bacon restaurant. Just a regular restaurant like all the other ones people go to. The only difference is that you just serve bacon. And maybe some chocolate milk or something to drink. Think about it. How many days in the past week have you been sitting around with your friends and someone says "lets go get a bunch of bacon." Probably at least seven or eight right?

But you know what's better than a bacon restaurant? Bacon on wheels. You need to get a bacon van. Just get a big van and load it up with bacon. Then drive around town playing bacon-themed music. I guarantee you will have more customers that you can handle. You will be passing out bacon hand over fist, and making money even faster. The people will come to you. The people will run to you. 
Bacon is like the cowbell. You can never have enough of it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Make money getting free stuff on craigslist

Howtomakeadollar are the worlds greatest recirculation specialists.  The concept of being a recirculation specialist is simple... get something someone wants to throw away and sell it to someone who wants to buy it.

A great way to become a recirculation specialist is to use craigslist.  People give stuff away all of the time on craigslist... FOR FREE!

This piano is on craigslist for free:

A similar piano is for sale on ebay for $1,595

What could be better than that????  Get a piano for free (who knows maybe they'd even pay you to take it away) and sell it to someone else!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Make Money at the World Cup

The World Cup, for those who haven't heard, is some sort of international sporting event involving a game called "soccer." To my knowledge there are no actual cups involved in the World Cup, so you will have to bring your own or borrow some from a friend. The winner of the tournament is awarded with a trophy made out of about 10 pounds of solid gold, which would be worth about $200,000 on the open market. So there is strong incentive to win. More on this in a moment.

Aside from this piece of gold, there are also international privileges. I believe the winning nation gets a free pass on all terrorist attacks for the next four years. This is why the U.S. keeps getting attacked despite being awesome, and it explains why Italy never does, despite sucking.

The World Cup is currently being held in South Africa, which, I believe, is located somewhere in southern Africa, about seven gazillion miles from the nearest participating World Cup nation. This location was chosen for a wide variety of strategic reasons which benefit the whole continent.

First, the location requires all teams and spectators to fly over the entire African continent to get there. This involves flying over Sudan, where most airplanes are shot down and converted into machetes and landmines. This is important because Sudan is the world's leading consumer of these items, and it forces participants to toughen up. It also reduces congestion at Africa's airport, when it is operational. Those who choose to avoid flying over Africa generally choose to travel by cruise ship. This also benefits Africa because a certain segment of the shipping industry is the leading source of GDP for Somalia.

Furthermore, South Africa has the highest violent crime rate in the entire world, which is important because soccer matches frequently cause dangerous riots, and the South Africans will be very good at these. Additionally, South Africa is probably best known for its rampant, entrenched racism, and we all know that no good riot is complete without an element of racism. The fact that South Africa has more than twice as many people with AIDS than any other country in the world should only serve to make these riots more interesting.

As far as the actual sport goes, soccer looks pretty easy. Most of the time the winning team will only score like one or two goals, so you really don't have to be very good to win. Not only that, but all the players seem unwilling, or unable to use their hands. Its like someone gave a ball to a bunch of Irish river dancers and told them to go run amok. I think if you dispensed with all this nonsense and just grabbed the ball and ran you would easily score enough goals to win.

So, if you are a strapping young person out to seek your fortune, and you aren't afraid of dying miserably from a half dozen different causes, then head to South Africa to win the World Cup and make money.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Make money by listening to your wife

Most of the time Howtomakeadollar blogs about small business ideas and how to make money.  On occasion, we like to blog about lessons we have learned.  Our hope is that you can learn from our mistakes and not make the same ones we have.

Step by Step plan:
Step 1.  Get a wife
Step 2.  Listen to you wife... when she says something is not a good idea, she is usually right
Step 3.  Do not stop listening to your wife

Easy plan.  The founders of howtomakeadollar would have saved $1,300,674.32 over our married lives if we had listened to our wives.  Do not make the same mistake we have!


Monday, June 14, 2010

The secret to having enough money!

Howtomakeadollar has discovered the secret to having enough money.  Believe it or not, the secret comes from a well documented book and not from "the internet."

The secret contained in this brief sentence will set you free from the pain and suffering of "not having enough money."  No more wishing you had more, no more envying the amount of money other people make.  Finally, peace.  

"Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income.  " - Ecclesiastes 5:10

Step by step plan to be satisfied with the amount of money you have
Step 1.  Do not love money
Step 2.  Repeat step 1

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Malevolent Genies and You: Money-Making Opportunities for People Afflicted by Supernatural Beings

A good way to make money is to sue someone. Just find a person, a government, or a corporate entity that has somehow wronged you, file a lawsuit, and make millions. I'm sure you've heard about these lawsuits before, but maybe you don't have a victim mentality and have a hard time noticing if you have been wronged. Well, you can always keep track of a bunch of bad luck incidents and then sue a genie for it.

Yeah, a genie. One of those mythical, cartoonish, supernatural entities that live in lamps, grant wishes, and turn tenor-voiced insecure street kids into tenor-voiced insecure princes. Its true. A family in Saudi Arabia has filed a lawsuit against a genie. Supposedly the genie has told them to move out of their house, made strange noises at them, and thrown rocks at them.

You probably think I've made this up, but the BBC and the LA Times have both reported it, so if you can't trust Howtomakeadollar, maybe you can trust them.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Make money by doing something really annoying

Business plan:

1) go to crowded area
2) do something really really annoying
3) tell people you will stop doing above action for $1
4) keep going until you receive the money

It worked for this guy!!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Save money by going to jail

It seems to me the perfect life would consist of free housing, free food, and free cable television.  The only place I know that provides all of these things for free is jail.  So, if you want the perfect life you must commit a crime.   Make sure it isn't anything serious... just something small that will get you thrown into a minimum security prison.  You could also pretend to be crazy.  I'm sure the crazy house wouldn't be too bad either... as long as you avoid the electric shock therapy.

So, if you want to live the perfect life... go to jail!  Simple.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily!

Emily is the world's best baby
And no one else is even a maybe
She is funny and sweet and she likes to play
And she likes to chatter and giggle all day

When I get home from work she goes berserk
She giggles and wiggles and kicks her feet
She squeaks and bounces and smiles really sweet
She's fun to hold upside down
And she's the funniest baby in the whole town

She can talk and walk, but she prefers to crawl
She's so smart she knows the capital of Nepal
Her hair is growing and starting to curl
Because its June 10th, and now she's a big girl

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary Caroline!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CAROLINE!  Congratulations... your husband Luca loves you so much he has dedicated this blog to you for the entire day!  You are one lucky girl!

As an Ode to your Anniversary we have written an acrostic describing Luca's unending love for you:

Honestly, you are the greatest wife in the whole world
Always there for me
Pleasant to be around

Awesomely awesome
Never angry or mean
Very good mom
Eager to help others
Ridiculously wonderful
As pretty as the day we met
Yes, you are my best friend

Always there when I need you most
Lovely to be around
Near and dear to my heart
Enthusiastic about life

Congratulations on your marriage.  We hope you have many many many many more to come!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Superman laptop sleeve protector

Howtomakeadollar's hottest item so far has been our custom laptop sleeve protectors.  It has been a smashing success.  We recently had an order for a 15 inch laptop protector from someone on the other side of the country.  We created a beautiful superman laptop sleeve protector for them.  We are still waiting on the rave reviews to come in.

Our profit margin still is not very high... considering it cost us $3 to ship the laptop sleeve protector, $2 for supplies, $8 for the tshirt, and 3 hours of labor.  We sold it for $19.99... so that works out to about ~$2 an hour.  But hey... PROFIT IS PROFIT!  We are working on streamlining our process and cutting back on costs.  We saved money on this laptop by going green!  

We shipped the item by reducing, reusing and recycling... well actually just reusing.  We used an old christmas box to ship the item.  This saved us about $2... or essentially 50% of our profit per hour of work.

If you would like to order your own... send us an email letting us know what kind and what size you want.  Since superman seems to be our biggest hit so far... here is another option we have for a superman  laptop sleeve protector...

We have an existing order for an ipad custom sleeve protector.  We will update you on the progress.  So order your own laptop sleeve protector or your own ipad sleeve protector today!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary Kinh!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KINH!!!  Congratulations, Kinh... your wife Leila loves you so much she has dedicated this blog to you for the entire day!

In recognition of your wonderful marriage we have written you a poem today to help you celebrate!

Two years ago today was a very special day
The seventh day of June, not May
These have been the best two years of my life
I am very glad to be called your wife

You are so sweet and kind
I cannot keep you off of my mind
My love for you is great
It still seems like yesterday was our first date

I am so proud of you
And everything that you do
You are my best friend
I know you will be with me to the end

You were the one made for me
with you, I like to be
Thank you for a wonderful two
I can't wait for the next fifty two

Congratulations to the happy couple!  Way to go!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Annoying Customer Insists He is Always Right

BOSTON, MA -- Annoying customer Brad Layton held up a line at the Tremont St. Target for nearly twenty minutes Sunday afternoon after finding what he believed to be an error on his receipt.

"This dish soap was marked for $2.97, but you charged me $3.97 for it," Layton said to cashier Gabriela Sanchez, not noticing that she had already scanned several items for the next customer. "He took his bags and then just stood there staring at the receipt for a minute or two," Sanchez said, "I hate it when they do that. Its always the obnoxious ones."

When Sanchez did not immediately respond, Layton grew irritated and raised his voice. "Excuse me miss, you ripped me off by a dollar," he snapped. "He just started getting angry really fast. I didn't look up at him for like one second and all of sudden he's yelling at me," Sanchez reported. "It was really awkward. Everyone was looking over at me."

After a call for a price check found that the price on the receipt was correct, Layton refused to leave, and demanded to see a manager. "Can't you guys just own up to it and give me my dollar back? Don't you know I'm the customer here? I'm always right!"

At this point, Brian Cabot, the next customer in line, rolled his eyes and began fidgeting impatiently. "It was fine at first. You know, if there is a real mistake, then thats fine, they can fix it, but he started getting mad and shouting. When he said "I'm always right," that was the end of it for me. That just doesn't make any sense." Store manager Joy Donaldson confirmed Cabot's statement. "In my experience, customers are very rarely right. This was a very unreasonable thing for him to claim."

Instead of apologizing and leaving the store after Donaldson confirmed the price check, Layton insisted on returning to the aisle to see the price himself. "Ok, somebody must have switched this!" he shouted, gesturing toward the price marking. "Don't you guys know the customer is always right? I'm the customer! I'm always right!" "Once he had said that for like the fifth time, I just gave up and called security." Donaldson stated. "What kind of person thinks he is always right? People just don't know how to act in this country anymore."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary Naomi!

Happy Anniversary Naomi!!!!  Your husband loves you so much he has dedicated this blog to you for the entire day.

Thank you for being the best wife in the whole world!  The last six years have been wonderful.  Thank you for all of your love and support.  I love you so much and I am so happy to be able to call you my wife.  Thank you for everything you do.  You are a great mom and my best friend!  I love you more than you'll ever know!

To show you how much I love you I recorded the song I wrote for you while we were dating for the whole world to see!

Fish Tank Without Any Fish In It
I told you I'd write you a love song
So that's what I'm doing right now
But I don't know what to say... except
I love you more, than you'll ever know

When you're not near me
When you're not right by my side
I feel lost, I feel scared
I feel like...

A fish tank without any fish in it
A fish tank without any fish in it
What's the point of that?
It doesn't make any since

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