Thursday, April 22, 2010

Make Money with Solar Panels

The government has all kinds of programs for people to "go green" by installing various energy saving and energy-producing devices on their houses.  These programs are called "going green" because you have to paint everything green. Don't ask me why this is. The reason some people are opposed to the green movement is because green does not match their outfit, and they feel that they should be free to have solar panels in Lavender-Lilac or Cucumber-Melon*.

*Cucumber Melon is indistinguishable from green for most people

In any case, aside from the color, the problem with solar panels is two-fold:
1. They do not produce much power
2. They do not produce any power at night or when covered in snow

However, a company in Spain recently found a way to avoid both of these problems, and its pretty easy.

Step 1: Get a solar panel
Step 2: Get a gas generator
Step 3: Connect a bunch of wires to the generator in such a way as to cause electricity to come out

Step 4: Put the generator right beside the solar panel so it looks like it is part of the solar panel.
Step 5: Turn generator on
Now you can have power at night time too, and the generator will produce more power than sunlight, so you can run all the other "green" energy companies out of business. Since you have solar panels, you are officially "green," and you can collect government stimulus money as well. Win-win.

Like I said, a company in Spain is already doing this, so its just a matter of time until it catches on in the U.S. The first company to start doing it will come out the best, so you need to start immediately. (Not joking, a real energy company is actually doing this, and collecting government incentive checks for "going green.")

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