Friday, April 2, 2010

Make your own laptop sleeve protector

At Howtomakeadollar we not only promote making money but also not wasting money buying things you can make yourself.  So today we are going to feature our first Tutorial.  This tutorial will help you save money by making your own laptop sleeve protector instead of spending money buying one.  The laptop sleeve you see featured in this tutorial is for sale... so help support howtomakeadollar by buying one or paying us to make your very own custom design laptop sleeve protector.

Step 1: Obtain laptop.  Preferable a 13 inch macbook pro... because everyone needs one and everyone who has one needs a cool custom laptop sleeve protector for it.

Step 2: Get cool retro t-shirt.  I bought mine at Salvation Army.  Wednesday is half off night so I got each tshirt for $0.50.

Step 3: Obtain sewing machine, needles, thread, fabric, and foam.  Ask your wife, sister, mother, mother-in-law, or uncle Bruce for the aforementioned items.  (Yes, Howtomakeadollar does assume women and uncles named Bruce are the only people that sew)

Step 4: Ask whoever gave you the items from step 3 to show you how to use a sewing machine.  Better yet, ask them to make it for you.  In that case, skip the rest of the steps except Step 4a.

Step 4a: If you have no intention of making your own custom laptop sleeve protector email this page to someone who will or skip to the end and buy one from us.

Step 5: Choose cool tshirt.  I choose Pokemon!  Cut Pokemon tshirt to the appropriate size (a couple of inches larger than the computer).  You will end up with two pieces, one from the front of the shirt and one from the back.

Step 6: Sew the front and back pieces together on one side.

Step 7: Cut extra fabric to the same size as cut tshirt

Step 8: Sew fabric to tshirt.  It helps to pin the two pieces together before you start to sew.  Make sure you turn the shirt so it is facing the fabric.  In the next step you will turn the entire thing inside out so leave a couple of inches unsewn.

Step 9: Turn inside out

Step 10:  Cut foam to appropriate size, stuff it into the shirt.

Step 11: Make sure the computer fits, sew ends together and turn inside out.

Step 12: Take the cool Pokemon tag and make it into a cover to close your new custom design laptop sleeve protector.

Step 13:  Be the coolest kid in school!

Don't want to make your own... buy our Pokemon one for $9.99...

or email us with a specific tshirt you would like made into your very own laptop sleeve protector and we will make one for you for $9.99!


  1. Probably your coolest idea so far. This is probably worth more that $9.99

  2. Hello Andrew,
    I went to Salvation Army and got a few shirts. If and when we get an i-pad we will commission a sleeve from you for it. In the meantime, next time we meet I will give you the shirts and the dimensions of our mini netbook. I am impressed by your sewing skills. I'm so bad Daniel actually had to show me how to use the iron-on tape used to hem your pants if you can't sew.


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