Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to make $107.32 in two weeks and lose it in 18 seconds

We recently blogged about how to make money from your blog.  Everything in that post is a lie!

As a result of our quick success with Google's Adsense (earning $107.32 in two weeks) our blog has been blacklisted by Google.  It appears the visitors to our site were a little too eager to click on advertisements for Google's liking.  Our Google Adsense account has been deactivated because we pose a "SIGNIFICANT RISK."  We are suspected of creating "invalid clicks."  GOOGLE KNOWS ALL AND SEES ALL!  Google knows every website you go to, how long you go to them, what you do while you're on the site, and how many advertisements you normally click on.  So, if you normally do not click on advertisements and then you came to our site and clicked on several advertisements... Google considers your click "invalid."

We appreciate your clicks on our sponsors advertisements... but unfortunately Google does not.  So we will not be seeing a single penny of the $107.32 we generated.  If anyone knows of other advertisers who want to advertise on our site... please let us know.

That being said, this blog is hosted by, which is a free service offered by Google, so although we are kind of bitter about not being able to advertise, we are still big fans of Google, and would recommend this service to anyone interested in blogging.

1 comment:

  1. haha you guys are hilarious. This is what happens when you over advertise and try to rip the system off.. Good luck on slowly starting off again.

    The other option you can try is, but there you get money only for real purchases, not random clicks...



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