Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pictures are key to a good blog

If you would like to have a successful blog (like howtomakeadollar), pictures are essential.

It does't even matter what the picture is of.  People don't like to read anymore.  Just type something... anything and throw in a couple of pictures and I can guarantee you your blog will be successful.  It is a scientifically proven fact that people like pictures.  It would help if your pictures were of a cool subject and in focus... but it is not a requirement.

Most pictures can speak a thousand words, but this one only speaks one word. Oh well. Its still a great photo right? I ♥ dolphins

Maybe you have a picture from a trip you took.  That's cool, throw it up on the blog post for good measure.  

Whatever you do... just make sure YOU POST PICTURES IN YOUR BLOG.  If you do not post pictures, people will get bored and leave your site.

Four pictures are the recommended amount.  Anything more than that and people lose interest.  Anything less than that and people focus too much on the pictures and wonder why you have a picture of your pet cat while you are blogging about Alaska.  Howtomakeadollar does not endorse pictures of cats.

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