Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rainbow Bacon

A few days ago we said that the world's best business idea is bacon. You can read about that here. Well it seems that some guy has taken our advice and is doing some groundbreaking things with bacon. Truly groundbreaking. Bacon, I'm sure you know, has remained fundamentally the same for thousands of years. UNTIL NOW.

Rainbow Bacon. Look upon it you mighty ones and despair, for great is its splendor and many are its colors.

Yes, Bacon Today* has reported a new development in bacon technology. A truly revolutionary development. It is called Rainbow Bacon. It is bacon in many colors. It is wholesome goodness in rainbow format. It is crunchy, chewy, salty meat candy with artificial coloring, and I presume that the green strips are good for you. Now if he would only get a big van full of bacon and drive around like an ice cream truck.

*Not a joke. Bacon Today is a real website. Their slogan is "Daily updates on the world of sweet, sweet bacon."

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