Friday, June 25, 2010

What to do when you are rich and powerful

Lots of people want to be millionaires right? But what do they do when they make their millions? They buy cookie cutter McMansions and few nice cars, and they play golf a lot. Howtomakeadollar thinks this is boring. We have lots of other recommendations, but today we will be focusing on pranks. Anyone can prank his friends, but a rich person can afford to prank them in ways that the rest of us can only dream of. Here are a few ideas.

1. The "Dude, Where's My House?" missing house prank: You know that prank where you come out to the parking lot to get in your car, but your car is gone because a bunch of your friends moved it? Usually they moved it to some annoying place like Bed Bath & Beyond. Thats just a tip for you in case you haven't found yours yet. Anyway, if you are rich you could take this classic prank up to a higher notch: Move their house. Wait until they go away for a while, then hire a crew of house movers, and have them tow your friend's house out to the middle of a lake or a desert somewhere. When your friend comes back he will be in for a big surprise. He will never see it coming, and you can all share a good laugh about it later.

2. The champagne prank. You know that prank where you come home and somebody has filled up thousands of little pixie cups full of water and covered the entire floor and every flat surface in your house with them? Well, if you are rich you can do this same prank, only fill all the cups up with champagne instead of water. This doesn't really add anything significant to the prank, but you should do it anyway since you're rich.

3The sweepstakes prank. I'm sure you've heard about those Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes that occasionally show up at people's houses and pay out big prize money. Right? Well, this is a good setup for a prank you could do. Just hire somebody to show up at your friend's house and tell him he's won a million dollars from a sweepstake. Make sure the guy you hire is really convincing, and give him an actual check for one million dollars to give your friend. Your friend will be ecstatic and will call up everyone and tell them he won big in the sweepstakes.  But the joke is on him because it wasn't really a sweepstake! It was just you pretending to be a sweepstake. He will never live this one down.

4. The stock market prank. If you are rich enough, you can buy a controlling interest in a large corporation. Once you do this, you can then sell all your stocks on the open market for like ten cents each. This will cause a dramatic crash on the company. If you bought a large enough company, such as Wal-Mart or Google, it could even cause the entire stock market to crash for a day or two. This would be a hilarious prank and would probably make international news. The whole world would find out about your prank and they would all just shake their heads and laugh. "What a funny guy," they would say. If you do this prank, try to let us know ahead of time so we can buy all the cheap stocks that you dump off.

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