Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Superman laptop sleeve protector

Howtomakeadollar's hottest item so far has been our custom laptop sleeve protectors.  It has been a smashing success.  We recently had an order for a 15 inch laptop protector from someone on the other side of the country.  We created a beautiful superman laptop sleeve protector for them.  We are still waiting on the rave reviews to come in.

Our profit margin still is not very high... considering it cost us $3 to ship the laptop sleeve protector, $2 for supplies, $8 for the tshirt, and 3 hours of labor.  We sold it for $19.99... so that works out to about ~$2 an hour.  But hey... PROFIT IS PROFIT!  We are working on streamlining our process and cutting back on costs.  We saved money on this laptop by going green!  

We shipped the item by reducing, reusing and recycling... well actually just reusing.  We used an old christmas box to ship the item.  This saved us about $2... or essentially 50% of our profit per hour of work.

If you would like to order your own... send us an email letting us know what kind and what size you want.  Since superman seems to be our biggest hit so far... here is another option we have for a superman  laptop sleeve protector...

We have an existing order for an ipad custom sleeve protector.  We will update you on the progress.  So order your own laptop sleeve protector or your own ipad sleeve protector today!

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