Monday, June 28, 2010

Make money playing the circle game!

Most people have either played or heard of the circle game.  Usually this game is an immature game played by middle schoolers or freshman in high school.  According to the urban dictionary, the circle game is "a game of peripheral vision, trickery and motor skills."  The rules of the game are quite simple.  Make a circle with your index finger and thumb like so:

Get someone to look at the circle.  Punch the person that looks at it in the arm.  Since howtomakeadollar is all about making money and not all about punching people, we suggest you change the rules of the game.  Make the unsuspecting person pay you a dollar each time they look at your hand or have them take you out to lunch after they look at your hand a certain number of times.

Note: make sure you are good at the game, otherwise you may have to take someone out to lunch or pay them a lot of money.

There is also a website.  The website has not been updated since 2005.  2005 was about the end of the circle game craze.  So, its time to bring it back and make some money doing it!

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