Friday, June 18, 2010

The best business idea ever and a nutritious breakfast

You know what the people want? Bacon.
The only thing the people want more than bacon is more bacon.

Are you achin' for some bacon? I know I am.
bacon bacon bacon bacon.

You know what else the people want? No? Me neither. The people want bacon, and thats pretty much all you'll ever get them to agree on. So why bother trying any other kind of business? What you need to do is start a bacon business. The best business idea in the world is bacon.

There are many ways of running a bacon business. One basic way of doing it would be a bacon stand. People set up hot dog stands all over the place, and they do pretty good business, but you know what's better than hot dogs? Bacon.

One step above a bacon stand would be a bacon restaurant. Just a regular restaurant like all the other ones people go to. The only difference is that you just serve bacon. And maybe some chocolate milk or something to drink. Think about it. How many days in the past week have you been sitting around with your friends and someone says "lets go get a bunch of bacon." Probably at least seven or eight right?

But you know what's better than a bacon restaurant? Bacon on wheels. You need to get a bacon van. Just get a big van and load it up with bacon. Then drive around town playing bacon-themed music. I guarantee you will have more customers that you can handle. You will be passing out bacon hand over fist, and making money even faster. The people will come to you. The people will run to you. 
Bacon is like the cowbell. You can never have enough of it.

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