Sunday, June 13, 2010

Malevolent Genies and You: Money-Making Opportunities for People Afflicted by Supernatural Beings

A good way to make money is to sue someone. Just find a person, a government, or a corporate entity that has somehow wronged you, file a lawsuit, and make millions. I'm sure you've heard about these lawsuits before, but maybe you don't have a victim mentality and have a hard time noticing if you have been wronged. Well, you can always keep track of a bunch of bad luck incidents and then sue a genie for it.

Yeah, a genie. One of those mythical, cartoonish, supernatural entities that live in lamps, grant wishes, and turn tenor-voiced insecure street kids into tenor-voiced insecure princes. Its true. A family in Saudi Arabia has filed a lawsuit against a genie. Supposedly the genie has told them to move out of their house, made strange noises at them, and thrown rocks at them.

You probably think I've made this up, but the BBC and the LA Times have both reported it, so if you can't trust Howtomakeadollar, maybe you can trust them.

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