Sunday, June 6, 2010

Annoying Customer Insists He is Always Right

BOSTON, MA -- Annoying customer Brad Layton held up a line at the Tremont St. Target for nearly twenty minutes Sunday afternoon after finding what he believed to be an error on his receipt.

"This dish soap was marked for $2.97, but you charged me $3.97 for it," Layton said to cashier Gabriela Sanchez, not noticing that she had already scanned several items for the next customer. "He took his bags and then just stood there staring at the receipt for a minute or two," Sanchez said, "I hate it when they do that. Its always the obnoxious ones."

When Sanchez did not immediately respond, Layton grew irritated and raised his voice. "Excuse me miss, you ripped me off by a dollar," he snapped. "He just started getting angry really fast. I didn't look up at him for like one second and all of sudden he's yelling at me," Sanchez reported. "It was really awkward. Everyone was looking over at me."

After a call for a price check found that the price on the receipt was correct, Layton refused to leave, and demanded to see a manager. "Can't you guys just own up to it and give me my dollar back? Don't you know I'm the customer here? I'm always right!"

At this point, Brian Cabot, the next customer in line, rolled his eyes and began fidgeting impatiently. "It was fine at first. You know, if there is a real mistake, then thats fine, they can fix it, but he started getting mad and shouting. When he said "I'm always right," that was the end of it for me. That just doesn't make any sense." Store manager Joy Donaldson confirmed Cabot's statement. "In my experience, customers are very rarely right. This was a very unreasonable thing for him to claim."

Instead of apologizing and leaving the store after Donaldson confirmed the price check, Layton insisted on returning to the aisle to see the price himself. "Ok, somebody must have switched this!" he shouted, gesturing toward the price marking. "Don't you guys know the customer is always right? I'm the customer! I'm always right!" "Once he had said that for like the fifth time, I just gave up and called security." Donaldson stated. "What kind of person thinks he is always right? People just don't know how to act in this country anymore."

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