Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ever since howtomakeadollar was blacklisted from Google's Adsense... we have been searching for an alternative source of advertising revenue.  There doesn't really seem to be much out there besides Google Adsense.  The moral of the story is: do not get blacklisted by Adsense.  But for those who have been rejected by Adsense there appears to be a couple of additional options.  We are in the process of testing them out.

The first alternative option to Adsense is Blogsvertise.  Blogsvertise (yes, that is really their name) is a website that you can sign up for and they will give you "assignments."  These assignments are to write a review of whatever item, website, or service they provide you with.  You write a blog about the item assigned to you, Blogsvertise approves your blog, post the blog, and they pay you.  Supposedly the payout is between $5 and $15 per blog post.  Not too bad considering we usually blog for free.  Unless it is for our PromoteME or SHOW YOUR LOVE features.

Keep your eyes open for our Blogsvertise featured blogs!  We have also read on the "internet" that Blogsvertise is a huge scam.  But since we are experts in ethical grey areas and unsubstantiated claims... we should probably fit in well with the Blogsvertise crew.

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