Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Make Money By Selling Something That You Didn't Create

This idea has limitless potential.  I'm going to share a few examples.

1. Repackage someone else's creation


Who wrote the song "Old MacDonald Had A Farm"?  I'm fairly certain it wasn't Salina Yoon.  But yet, she can make money selling a book that solely contains the words to a song she didn't write.  Also see, "Wheels on the Bus", "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider", and other various nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

2.  "Enhance" someone else's creation

Most people would agree that Jane Austen novels are ok, but are missing something that they can't quite put a finger on.  Well that something is zombies.  Or sea monsters.  Or mummies.  The point is, apparently you can take a classic work of literature, add a few lines of your own, and have reputable book-mongers stock your "creation".  Or even get a movie deal!  There are plenty of classic works to choose from, but if your brain flushed whatever you may have learned from high school English class to free up space to think about twitter, here's a head start:

Moby Dick - Replace the original protagonist with Moby, the international electronic music sensation
Crime and Punishment - The crime:  adultery.  The punishment:  a scarlet letter.  Sound familiar?  Just change the title of The Scarlet Letter and no one will know the difference
1984 - Instead of totalitarianism, link the popular culture from the '80s to the demise of mankind
A Tale of Two Cities - Make this one about a young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk
Jane Eyre - No need to change anything here.  Nobody really reads this book, but yet many own it anyway.

3.  Claim someone else's creation as your own

This is alternately called plagiarism, forgery, and theft and is mostly frowned upon.  Somehow different from the first two options and can land you in jail.

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