Friday, May 21, 2010

Make money by collecting debt

The debt collection industry is booming.  People borrow money, don't pay it back and someone needs to collect it.  This is a great opportunity for you to make money.

Has anyone ever borrowed money from you?  Did they pay you back?

I'm sure there is at least one time in your life that someone has borrowed money from you and forgot to pay you back.  Did you let your friend borrow $1 to buy a soda in the 5th grade?  This would be a perfect opportunity for you to collect the debt.

Step by step plan to make money by collecting debt

Step 1: Set up a paypal account.  This is an easy way to collect money online.

Step 2: Email your friend from 5th grade.  Attach an invoice for $1,375.89 and tell them this is the amount they owe you.  This includes the $1 they owe you plus interest for the past 18 years.

Step 3: When they say you are crazy and they don't owe you anything, keep calling them and emailing them until they can't stand it anymore.

Step 4: After months of annoying calls and emails send your friend a new invoice for $1.  By this time they will be so happy to pay you anything to stop your annoying calls and emails and will settle for $1.

Step 5: Collect your $1 and move on to your next friend.

Note: this may cause you to loose friends... but it will definitely be worth the $1!

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