Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Make money by going to casinos and gambling

One way that lots of people frequently try to make money is to gamble at casinos. This moneymaking strategy is a very old one, and people have been gambling for centuries on various things. I think the first casino opened in ancient Assyria in like 600 BC. Soldiers would surround a large walled city, cut off the food supply for a few years, and then make bets with each other about how much a pound of wheat was selling for inside the city. Winners got to kill all their fellow soldiers and lead a military assault against everyone, losers got leprosy. In all seriousness, something remotely, vaguely, not entirely dissimilar to this actually did happen.

Anyway, modern gambling is much more civilized, so you don't have to worry about mass starvation, leprosy, or invading Assyrians. Of course, the odds at the casino are stacked against you. Roughly 80% of your bets will lose, but all that means is that if 5 of our loyal readers go to the nearest casino and start dropping money into the slot machines, that one of you will make money instantly. At that point you just have to go home with your winnings. If you stick around any longer you will lose it all.

So the way to make money at the casino is to
1. invite four friends to a casino*
2. put money in the slot machine
3. win free money!!!!
4. leave immediately.

*I am assuming that if you invite four friends to go with you, you will automatically by the lucky winner out of the five of you. There is no reason to assume this is true, but I'm saying it is true anyway.

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