Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Gwen!

Happy Mother's Day Gwen! Congratulations! Your son Tyler has dedicated this blog to you for the day, outbidding the entire Ebay community just for you! This poem is also featured on

This Mother's day, like none before
I finally understand
The depth of love a parent feels
when holding tiny hands

The joy you did experience
Watching as we grew
Is now mine to see and feel
And all because of you

The father now that I can be
(Your mothering be praised)
Is strong and confident and sure.
This is the man you raised.

I see the sacrifices made
The struggles you went through
And lovingly, as you have done
I'll gladly make them too.

Thank you for your godliness,
Your character is true
Your humble helpfulness shows that
I can depend on you

I hope the kind of father
I will someday prove to be
Is as loving, kind, and praiseworthy
As the mom you are to me.

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