Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Seun!


Congratulations Seun... you are loved!  Your husband Olugbenga loves you so much he has dedicated this website to you for the entire day in honor of your birth.  We have written a love poem for you to enjoy!

Seun, today is your birthday
and we have some things to say
You are great at everything you do
the things you cannot do are few

You are a fabulous cook
and at you it is very nice to look
You are so sweet and kind
Olugbenga is so glad he can say "you are mine"

You are great at dealing drugs
but only the good kind... not to thugs
On your birthday Olugbenga will give you lots of hugs
and hopefully not some cheesy mug

You are a great wife and friend
Olugbenga will stay with you till the very end
He appreciates you driving him around
and he is glad you are the one he has found

Enjoy your birthday on this fabulous day
we have nothing more to say


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