Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!

Congratulations Jennifer!
Your husband Tyler loves you so much he dedicated this personalized website to you to celebrate your birthday.
Your birthday celebration is also being featured on

You're a really good mommy and a top-notch cook
There's no one else at whom I'd rather look
When I count my earthly blessings I think of you first
When I think of life without you, it would be the worst

I appreciate your humor and your sense of style
I've never gotten over your pretty smile
When I think about you my heart goes aflutter
because I love you more than Reeses peanut butter

When hard times come, you never act dumb
You're my voice of reason
You're more exciting than baseball season

You make everything prettier and you have a nice touch
Which is just one more reason why I love you so much
You're good at everything -- even origami
And not only that, but you're the world's best mommy

I love you Jennifer
Happy Birthday!

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