Sunday, May 2, 2010

Updated: How to LOSE $1 by racing in the Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Triathalon

Congratulations to Joseph Pull for making $1 off of this idea!!!!!!

Updated version:

Howtomakeadollar supports physical fitness feels physical fitness is overrated.  One way to get a good workout is to take up racing in triathlons.  Triathlons consist of swimming, biking and running.  They are easy.  People usually do not need to do any training for triathlons.

To make lose an extra dollar or two we suggest participating in triathlons with your friends and betting them you will beat them.

Step by Step plan:
1) Pay $180 for a year member ship to a swimming pool
2) Buy a new pair of $125 running shoes (howtomakeadollar is sponsored by Nike+ shoes, so use them!) (this is obviously an unsubstantiated claim... we just needed an excuse to include a picture)

3) Buy a new $2,900 bike, the more expensive the faster it is! (false: expensive bikes are slow... the older and rustier they are the better!)
4) Train (not completely necessary)
5) Sign up for the Smith Mountain Lake sprint triathlon
6) Bet your friend $1 that you finish before they do
7) Finish before your friend does (this one is the most important step in the plan)
7a) Allow your friend to pass you with only .5 miles left in the race... and watch them cross the finish line 30 seconds before you do.  
8) Added benefit... listen as the winners daughters remind you that their daddy is faster than you and that he won the race!

Easy way to make lose $1!

At least somebody made a dollar off of the deal!  Way to go Joe!!!!!

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