Friday, May 14, 2010

Make Money by Being Mildly Good at Golf

For the past few days Howtomakeadollar has highlighted ways that ordinary people can become professional athletes on team sports. We mentioned that with team sports you can simply perfect a single niche skill that your team requires. In one of these blogs we mentioned that golf, being an individual sport, does not allow ordinary people to go pro.

This is true. However, professional golf is not a completely individual sport. You see, all professional golfers use a person called a caddy. Caddies do not have to be any good at golf. This is where you come in.

You may not know it, but professional golfers are expected to tip their caddies with 10% of their winnings whenever they make money in a tournament. Now, 10% may not sound like much, but the prize money at major tournaments is extremely high. The "Augusta" tournament winner gets $1.35 million. There are several other tournaments with prizes over $1 million, so I think the key is to be a caddy for a good golfer, not a lousy one.

Caddies, to my knowledge, have one main job and one secondary job. The first job is to keep track of the golf clubs and drive the golf cart around without flipping it. The secondary job is to provide advice to the golfer about which club to use. Now, most professional golfers know a good bit about golf, so, if they ask you what club to use, the best answer is "go with your instincts." Because, really, they know more than you, and odds are any advice you give will be stupid. Remember, you are an ordinary person.

However, it would be helpful to know the names of the different clubs. Howtomakeadollar knows all the names of all the clubs, and has provided you with a short description of several of them below. We are giving this valuable info for free, but we always accept donations.

Club no. 1: "Woods"- These golf clubs are called "woods" because, according to Wikipedia, they "used to be made out of wood*."  Woods are used for long distance shots.

Club no. 2: "Irons" - These clubs are called "irons" because (surprise) they used to be made from iron. I don't know what they are for.

Club no 3:  "Putters"- Putters are called putters because they are made out of putty and butter. They are used for short-range shots.

*"They are called "woods" because they used to be made out of wood." Does this logic work for anything else? Lets just call everything by what it was made out of fifty years ago. What a dumb idea.
Golf is dumb.

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