Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vote for your favorite Best Guest Bloggers Blogfest blog-off

We are very pleased with the turn out and response for our Best Guest Bloggers Blogfest Blog-Off of 2010.  Thank you for everyone who entered the competition.  We will have one next year as well, so start writing your ideas down so you can enter in 2011.

Now it is time to VOTE.  For the next week there will be a poll in the top right of our blog.  Select which one you like the best.  The winner will be announced after the voting is complete.  You have one week to vote, so get out there and vote!

Remember that in the U.S., voting is a right that was earned by people who lost their lives fighting against klansmen, communists, and nazis in various wars. This is a free nation that survives by the hard work of its people. If you do not vote in the guest blog blog-off, then you are an anti-american communist, and we will beat you with folding chairs and rip holes in your Che Guevara t-shirt.

If you submitted a guest blog and you see that it is not receiving many votes, then you need to get all of your friends to visit the site and vote for you.


  1. Actually economists have shown that the act of voting is irrational in most elections, but here not so much. Two reasons:

    1) Everyone in the US has heard of the Presidential Election, but you can probably think of one guy who hasn't heard of the How to Make a Dollar Blogger Blogfest blog-off.

    2) You have a greater chance of dying on the way to the voting booth than to cast the deciding vote (You can ask Gordon Tulluck at George Mason University - he was so smart that he would have won the Nobel Prize in Economics if he didn't insult the people that were giving out the award). HTMADBBb-o, however, uses electronic voting, and while fraud and hacking will bring into question the integrity of the election in some cases, we are far more professional than that.

  2. HTMADBBb-o stands for Howtomakeadollar Bloggers Blogfest blog-off.

    It sounds to me like our official fact check guy is a communist who is against voting. He will be disciplined and his economist friends will be punched in the face.


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