Friday, March 5, 2010

Nude Art

We here at howtomakeadollar are very much into the "arts".  As you can see here, here, and here.  Especially when the "arts" can give you an opportunity to make money.  Today, may we present to you just such an opportunity.

1.  Get naked.  Or nude.  However you prefer, just make sure you don't have any clothes on.
2.  Find someone who is painting.  Good places to check are scenic areas, art schools, and inside the homes of artists.
3.  Offer to be their nude model.  They should be willing to accept your offer when they see that you are already nude.  If you need to convince them, demonstrate a few or your "artistic" nude poses.  That should win them over.
4.  After they finish painting your nude portrait, ask them if you can see it.  When they hand it to you, take it and start running.  Since you have no clothes on, you will be able to run very fast. Thats why its called "streaking". If you run with clothes on, its called jogging. I think its obvious which way is faster. In fact, a bunch of running people have proven that you run faster naked.
5.  Find someone to buy the nude art.  This should be easy since everyone loves art and everyone loves nudity.  In fact, I expect an increase in traffic to this blog, just because I used the word "nude" a lot in this post.  It's a guaranteed way to have a successful blog.  Just like pictures and videos.

Related Business Idea:  If you can't find anyone painting, just find anyone.  Chances are when they see that you are nude, they will ask you to put clothes on.  (For some reason it's ok to be nude in great works of art, but not in public places).  Tell them you will re-robe for $8.  (You could try for higher, but in my experience, weirdly specific amounts like 8 or 11 work best).  Of course, the more offended the person is at seeing you naked, the more you can charge.  After you are out of sight, strip and repeat.

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  1. Official Fact Check GuyMarch 5, 2010 at 8:23 PM

    Art departments will often pay you to model nude, so you can make a dollar without stealing the picture of yourself.


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