Monday, March 8, 2010

How to sell $1 for $2

Howtomakeadollar has posted several times about how to make your own money, how to turn play money into real money, and how to sell a signed copy of the original dollar bill.  This post will describe how to sell $1 bill for $2!

If you would like to sell a one dollar bill for two dollars... there has to be something special about your one dollar bill.  It could either be signed by a famous person, be really old, or be really really new (some people are willing to pay money to trade their old crinkled dollars in for new crisp clean ones... if you are one of these people please email us... we have lots of new dollar bills and shiny pennies and nickels).  Don't worry, if you do not have a special one dollar bill you can make it special!

Everyone loves money origami!  It's true... if you google "how to make a dollar" a bunch of youtube videos and websites dedicated to making origami out of money come up.

Step by step business plan on how to sell a one dollar bill for $2:
1) obtain a real $1 bill*
2) learn origami
3) fold $1 bill into cool origami shape
4) sell cool $1 origami for $2

*Important: make sure it is a one dollar bill.  It would be very sad to accidentally make origami out of a $100 bill and sell it for $2

If you would like to buy your very own $1 bill for $2... today is your lucky day.  We are offering an UNLIMITED number of $1 bill origami.  The shapes you can choose from are bow tie, square, ring, triangle or airplane or basketball.  All of these are pictured below and can be purchased through paypal!

Bow Tie $1 bill origami

Square $1 bill origami

Ring $1 bill origami

Triangle $1 bill origami

Airplane $1 bill origami


Basketball $1 bill origami


  1. Official Fact Check GuyMarch 8, 2010 at 4:41 PM

    If you sell a dollar for $2, you will need another asterisk that says "plus $0.44 shipping and handling" unless you want to settle for making 56 cents.

    If this seems too fair and ethical to you, don't forget that you can also add fine print that says "some assembly required" and simply include an unfolded $1 bill, and include a card with vague instructions. To cover your costs, you might want to list shipping and handling expenses as $0.50, but that way you can offer 4 for $10 including shipping.

  2. Since it is so easy to make 2$ out of 1$, I recommend multiplying your earning predictions by at least 2 and making operating decisions based on this assumption. When it comes time to communicate your actual earnings with shareholders, auditors, etc you can ethically tell them you made double what you actually made. This will also help you get loans from the bank. Just tell them you make at least 2X what you actually do. If they ask for proof of income (unlikely) I can help you out.


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