Sunday, March 14, 2010

Make money off the NCAA Basketball Tournament

You are probably aware that every March there is a major college basketball tournament of the top 64 college basketball teams in the U.S. I think this tournament is called "March Excitement" or something. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

But did you know that there are ways to make money off this tournament?

There are at least two.

1. Make money at the basketball tournament by selling tickets
You may have some Super Bowl tickets left over that no one bought. If so, just cross out where it says "Super Bowl" and then write "Basketball Tournament" on the ticket. You can sell these at the entrance of the basketball arena for a dollar or two. If you don't have any of these tickets, you can buy one from Howtomakeadollar for a dollar. Or you can just donate a dollar to us because you are nice.

If you want to see the original Super Bowl blog with other similar ideas for making money at sporting events, click here.

2. Make money at the basketball tournament by becoming a human advertisement.
   1. Get a tattoo of a major company tattooed on your butt. If you have a large butt, you can get more than one company name tattooed there. This will increase profits.
   2. Go to a basketball game
   3. Wait until no one is looking
   4. If you are wearing any clothes, take them off
   5. Run as fast as you can across the basketball court
   6. Steal the ball from whoever has it. This may be difficult because college basketball players are pretty athletic, but the fact that you are naked may work in your favor here.
   7. Dunk the ball. I see people do this all the time when I watch basketball, so it can't be very hard.
   8. Hang on the rim until officials remove you
   9. Someone at the company will give you a lot of money for advertising.*
If you tattoo "Howtomakeadollar" on your butt and successfully do this stunt, Howtomakeadollar will pay you a dollar, and will award you an honorary title such as "Count" or "Duke" or whatever title you want.

*A good friend of mine has assured me that 83% of all companies in the world will pay you money to do this stunt. He is working on his MBA right now, so I think he knows what he's talking about.

There is still an opportunity to submit a guest blog for Howtomakeadollar's 2010 Best Guest Bloggers Blogfest Blog-off competition. Winner gets cash. Losers get a fungal infection. See rules here. 

1 comment:

  1. You will actually probably want to tattoo your upper back instead of your butt. For one reason, that would be a pain in the butt. Secondly, and for our purposes more importantly, your butt is very likely to be scrambled while on television, and that will hurt your sponsorships.

    Don't be mistaken, though; the nudity will be vital to your success. Not only will this be seen in the arena and by millions of people watching, but running across the court naked will get you on the news, SportsCenter, and any kind of commentary and analysis show later on, and they will almost certainly scramble your butt. You will also be viewed on YouTube, and we will be certain to embed the video here on How To Make a Dollar, or on my new Official Fact Check Guy blog.


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