Thursday, March 4, 2010

Make money by keeping secrets

Has anyone ever asked you to keep a secret?  Chances are the answer is yes.  Did you make any money off of it?  Chances are the answer is no.  That is unfortunate because you could have made at least $1 off of the situation.

Next time someone asks you "Can you keep a secret?" make sure you make money.  Here's how the conversation should go:

Some guy: "Can you keep a secret?"

You: "Of course I can... please tell me all of your secrets."

Some guy: "Cool... (insert secret here)"

You: "Thanks for telling me your secret... now you need to pay me $1 to ensure I will not tell everyone I know.  And an extra $1 to ensure I do not post it as my status update on Facebook."

Some guy:  "Cool... here's your money... and I'll throw in an extra $1 because you were so honest and up-front with me.  Thanks for being such a good friend."

Now that you have your $3... post a status update on your facebook page saying "I have a secret that (some guy) really does not want me to tell you.  I will tell the secret to the highest bidder."  Sell secret to highest bidder.... most likely it will be TMZ because they want to know all of the secrets in the whole world... no matter who the some guy is.

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  1. Official Fact Check GuyMarch 5, 2010 at 7:48 PM

    Blackmail is defined as making demands to withhold incriminating information, and is actually a crime. Of course, the difficulty with that is that they have to actually have a case - word of mouth is not enough. You should always demand that they pay cash, and never give a receipt. The last thing you need is a paper trail, or worse give them a paper trail that you'll have to pay them to shut up about.

    The legal money to be made with secrets is to keep a secret that someone needs. If you remember someone's password yet keep it a secret, that is valuable, and sites like Legacy Locker make a lot of money off of that. You could write down someone's passwords and keep them locked up in a secure place nobody else will see. Also, if you happen to find out the formula for Coca-Cola, KFC chicken, M&M's candy shell, etc, those are worth millions, and people who know that are paid well to keep quiet.

  2. I don't think this should be considered the same thing as blackmail. Its really just a friendly game of secret-keeping and secret-telling, which happens all the time on Twitter and Facebook for free. Only difference is that you make money off it this way.

    Blackmail is when you catch someone cheating on their taxes or their wife.


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