Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guest Blog No. 2: Start a bogus cause

It seems these days a lot of people are making money by starting bogus "causes." [Portion deleted by editors for inappropriate mixing of metaphors]... So a good way to make money is to start your own "cause."  Something with polar bears or going green seem to be winners.  It sure did work for [Portion deleted by editors due to bizarre and inappropriate slur against white people and Australians]....

Step by Step plan:
1) Find something that you can make "scientific" claims that everyone will take your word for it.
[steps two through six were deleted by editors because of extreme irrelevance]
7) Convince everyone that if they do not change their ways your "scientific" claims will destroy the earth as we know it
8) Make a device that people can put in their homes and cars to keep this "scientific" claim from happening (devices are not regulated by the FDA... so you can make any claim about them you want to and not get into trouble)
9) Get some children in China to produce your device in an environmentally unfriendly factory
10) Sell your device based on your "scientific" claims and make a huge profit or at least win the Nobel Peace prize

From reading howtomakeadollar I have learned that videos are the key to a successful blog... so in an attempt to help me win the Best guest bloggers blogfest blog-off I have included a video.

Example of how much devotion you can get to help support your cause based on your "scientific" claims.  Do these people not realize TREES ARE AMERICAS GREATEST RENEWABLE RESOURCE?

1 comment:

  1. You cannot win a Nobel Prize if you make money from your discovery. Unless you become famous and get a raise/better job because of it.


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