Friday, March 19, 2010

Guest Blog No. 4: Enhance your dollar bill

Business plan:

A) get dollar bill (since it appears the "authors" of howtomakeadollar enjoy ethical "grayness" you can get a dollar by stealing one) (for clarification, howtomakeadollar does indeed support stealing money, but only from people that don't deserve it as much as you do)

B) Enhance your dollar bill (Inappropriate joke in reference to enhancement deleted by howtomakeadollar)

C) There is not a lot of room to enhance the dollar bill on the right side of the bill.  So make sure you fold it so the person you are giving it to in exchange for .92 ounces of gold does not see the un-enhanced part of your dollar bill

D) Save gold under your mattress until it is worth $1,000,000 (after Barack Obama's second term) 


  1. This is amateurish. You're going to try to give someone a bill that says "one thousand dollar"? You need to write a red S next to dollar for this to work. Just don't be stupid and make the S a $.

  2. This is a good point! thanks Official Fact Check Guy!


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