Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Become a Guest Blogger

Howtomakeadollar has been overwhelmed with requests from our readers asking us to become a member of our blog team.  Since the process and application of becoming a full time Howtomakeadollar blogger takes at least 6 years to complete we have decided to allow people to become Guest Bloggers.  If you have an idea how to make money and would like to blog about it... we would love to give you the opportunity to post it on our blog.  Email us the idea and we will post it.

We have decided to help incentivize and promote competition by offering the best Guest Blogger $1.  We will allow our readers to vote for the best Guest Bloggers blog.  Whoever receives the most votes from our readers will win the highly coveted "Best Guest Bloggers Blogfest Blog-off 2010 Award," bragging rights, and $1. Losers must update their facebook status with a link to Howtomakeadollar, and must say something nice* about the winner. All participants are encouraged to get all their friends to vote. All forms of cheating, subversion, and ballot rigging are encouraged.

*Howtomakeadollar has a list of compliments that you are free to use
1. [Guest Blogger] is very good at origami
2. [Guest Blogger] offers helpful driving advice
3. [Guest Blogger] is the most competitive member of his bowling league
4. [Guest Blogger] has good posture
5. [Guest Blogger] never exceeds the speed limit
6. [Guest Blogger] is a frequent contributor to Wikipedia
7. [Guest Blogger] never hits the snooze button
8. [Guest Blogger] knows a lot about anime
9. [Guest Blogger] knows lots of clever pick-up lines
10. [Guest Blogger] has many interesting stories to tell

Readers who are interested in entering this contest must email us their entire blog entry 3/15/2010. Guest blogs will appear each day, beginning on 3/15/2010, and will run until we run out of them, or until we think up something else we would rather do. We reserve the right to not publish your blog if we think it
1. Violates our high ethical standards
2. Is based on debatable or unsubstantiated claims that violate our strict truth policy*
3. Is incapable of making at least one dollar

* Howtomakeadollar does not have a truth policy

Additionally, Howtomakeadollar reserves the right to edit and add our own commentary to any guest blog post.

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