Monday, February 8, 2010

Sell priceless artwork

Believe it or not... "priceless" artwork actually has a price!  And it usually comes with a lot of zeros.  It appears selling and/or creating "priceless" art is a profitable business.

Here is the business plan:
1) Create "priceless" artwork
2) Sell above mentioned artwork on ebay for A LOT OF MONEY!

Unfortunately, there is not a perfect formula to determine what "priceless" really means.  Not all art and/or artists are appreciated as much as others.  Below is a picture of our attempt at this business model.  This "priceless" artwork titled "Long day in the lunchroom" really did have a price... but it was too high for the simple minded art collectors on ebay.  For those sophisticated art collectors that read this blog... today is your lucky day!  If you would like it... its yours for $1!  No where else in the world, besides howtomakeadollar, can you buy priceless artwork for only $1.

Long Day in the Lunchroom

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