Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Check out our new feature.... we now accept donations using paypal! Now you can donate money to us!

Reasons you should donate to howtomakeadollar:
- We asked you to
- We are awesome
- Our children, wives, and pet fish are dying of global warming.
- You are nice*
- You don't have anything better to do with a dollar
- You are under the impression that donating to us will enter you for a major prize. You are free to think this.
- You have an uncontrollable urge to click on random buttons on the internet
- You hate us, and are donating sarcastically
- You are under the false impression that we are a charitable institution. (We're not, but we've written about some)
- You think that by clicking the donate button we will donate money to you. You are free to think this.
- You tried one of our ideas and would like to share some of your massive profits with us before you get arrested.
- Your cat** ran across the keyboard and somehow clicked the donate button
- We owe a dollar to a guy named Vinny in Long Island
- You are a regular reader and appreciate getting a daily blog post for free

*We promise that if you donate to us (minimum donation one dollar), we will declare you officially "nice." All you have to do is donate to us, then email us and say "I donated to you. Am I nice?" We will reply and say "Yes. You are nice." You can then put "I am nice" on your resume. Everyone who has ever received this declaration from us has gone on to lead extremely successful business and family lives.
However, if you do not donate to us, then you are automatically categorized as mean. For example, if you email us and say "I did not donate to you. Am I nice?" We will reply and say "No. You are mean. Very mean." No one who has been called mean by Howtomakeadollar has ever done anything successful in their lives. You don't want this. You want "Nice."

**Howtomakeadollar does not endorse owning a cat. However, if you have a cat, we would appreciate it if you leave this screen open at all times and encourage your cat to run around on the keyboard. Besides, running around is good for cardiac health. Did you know that 100% of all cats die when theirs hearts stop beating?

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