Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make money buying trash from hoarders

We recently blogged about how to make money selling trash to hoarders.  Children of hoarders did not like this idea.  They thought it was "Completely tasteless.  Not funny." and wanted us to "Get a life."

So our new idea is to make money by buying trash from hoarders and reselling it to people who have so much money they don't know what to do except buy trash.  Now to the people buying the trash... its not trash... its vintage rusty goodness.  This is a perfect opportunity to start your future as a recirculation specialist (aka flipping).

Step by Step Business plan
1) Find hoarder
2) Watch out for their children because they don't like you no matter if you buy or sell their parents trash
3) Hoarders are easy to spot... but for a "good" hoarder with junk (not just trash) look in between the pizza boxes and McDonald's Happy Meal toys for the rusty cars, bicycles, vintage signs and coins.
4) After picking through the trash tell them all they have is junk and they should pay you to take it off their hands before the government kicks them out of their house.
5) If they don't want to just give it to you, pay them at least $1 for their items
6) Put junk/trash/vintage rusty goodness on ebay and make a ridiculous amount of money.

Want some inspiration on taking hoarders junk and selling to rich people who need something to spend their extra money on?  Check out the new History Channel show American Pickers.

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