Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Valanniversary* Meg!

Meg... you are loved by Matt!

Matt has reserved this day just for you.  He loves you so much he has given you something we're sure none of your friends have... your very own blog for the day.  Not only has he given you this blog for the day, but he has created his very own holiday for you.  Happy Valanniversary!

Matt loves Meg like a frat loves its keg
Like a bum loves to beg
'Cause she's pretty and sweet 
and good for him like whole wheat

He likes to take her on picnics
And his heart beats on pin pricks
'Cause he's hot for her 
like nuclear physics

Thats why at this time of year
He always holds her dear
Because he thinks she's fine
And thanks the Lord that its February nine.

A custom love haiku:
A day just for us:
Our Valanniversary!
Love everlasting.

I can't wait for the rest of our lives together!

*A Valanniversary is an anniversary that takes place near Valentines day

If you would like to be as romantic as Matt... get your own SHOW YOUR LOVE POST!

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