Saturday, February 13, 2010

Make money by keeping a list

You're laying in bed thinking about all of the brilliant ways you can make money... and then it comes to you...  THE BEST IDEA OF YOUR LIFE!  You think to yourself "this is such a good idea I'll never forget it."  And you go to sleep happy that you will soon be a millionaire.  You wake up in the morning and as you're taking a shower you remembered that before you fell asleep you had THE BEST IDEA OF YOUR LIFE... but the problem is: you can't remember what that idea was!

Don't let this scenario happen to you.  You never know when inspiration will hit you.  So when it hits you, be prepared.  KEEP A LIST.  I recommend keeping a ipod or iphone with you at all times so you can add all of your ideas to a list.  But if you don't have an ipod or iphone and don't want to spend money on cool technology, all you need is a pen and paper.  Write down all of your ideas, you never know which one will be THE ONE!

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