Thursday, February 11, 2010

Make Money by Answering People's Questions on

You probably saw a commercial during the Super Bowl for something called KGB. The commercial featured two pencil-necked nerds in a wrestling mat with a sumo wrestler. Each guy had to figure out how to say "I surrender" in Japanese. The nerd who texted the kgb service (the number is 542-542) got the answer faster than the guy who surfed the internet. The first guy got away, the second guy wound up saying "bring it on fat man" and then got sat on. It was a typical Super Bowl commercial. See it here.

This service is useful to people who are willing to pay money for answers because they
A. Need good answers fast.
B. Are in too much of a hurry to take .12 seconds to run a google search

However, its also a decent way to make some money if you have a broad knowledge base. You can work as an answerer and get paid 10 cents for every question you answer. Its not a ton of money, but you can make about $10- $20 per hour this way. (You have to pass a general knowledge test on in order to become a "special agent," but its not too hard.)

Here is how it works
Lets say some guy in Sri Lanka needs to know the best way to fight off a male Bengal tiger. He probably needs an answer really fast, so instead of googling "Best way to fight off a male Bengal tiger," he texts the question to 542542. (People in Sri Lanka always carry their iPhone when fighting tigers, especially Bengals). This question will then immediately appear on your computer, and you can answer it.*

*The best way to fight off a Bengal Tiger is to shoot it with the biggest gun you have while yelling something in Sri Lankan. It doesn't matter what you yell. Sri Lankan is a made up language that is very confusing to tigers, especially tigers that have been shot.

Likewise, if you need to get a quick answer about how to photocopy money, you can text it to kgb. Of course, you will have to pay some money to do this, but its an option if you are desperate. Howtomakeadollar never recommends spending money. Only earning* it.

*By "earning" we do not mean "earning fairly" or "earning by hard work." We mean "acquiring by any means available."

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